Undercover CD

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THIS PROJECT WAS BORN OF A PASSION FOR THE ART OF INTERPRETATION.  Sure, it's always a huge thrill to hear an artist belt out his or her signature tune just the way they conceived it.  But there's also something sublime about a musician who performs the song of another artist so thoughtfully, so creatively, and so authentically that they reveal new treasures, hidden layers of meaning, or an altogether unique perspective along the way. 
In their finest incarnation, cover songs are about much more than paying tribute. Throughout history, performing the songs of others has been indispensable in the preservation and transmission of our cultural heritage.  Cover songs help keep our musical history alive and they identify as timeless those songs that can be pushed and pulled across the musical spectrum, while still retaining their core power and artistry.
IN 2007, WE TEAMED UP WITH THE STAFF OF EIGHT FORTY-EIGHT to create a project that celebrated this rich and storied craft.  We knew then that we wanted to draw on Chicago's own amazing local music scene – a deeply rooted, interconnected community made up of some of the most talented, generous, willingly collaborative and open minded musicians you’ll ever meet.  This CD features some of the songs and bands that have made UNDERCOVER so much fun to work on, and such a popular series to listen to.  We hope you enjoy hearing these songs again – for the first time.

Check out the series on Chicago Public Radio