Classic Albums : The Royal Scam

Classic Albums : The Royal Scam Image

On Thursday May 28th, Great Life Music hosted the first of their now-monthly performance series, CLASSIC ALBUMS, at Reggie's Music Joint on South State Street in Chicago. CLASSIC ALBUMS features two different bands on the last Thursday of every month, preparing some of the greatest albums ever recorded and performing them in their entirety. The series is curated by Colby Beserra, co-founder of Great Life Music, and the musicians are hand-picked from across Chicago's world-class music scene for their musicality and passion.

For the inaugural performance, Colby fronted an amazing 11-piece band performing the 1976 Steely Dan classic THE ROYAL SCAM, featuring Party Faithful guitarist Pat Feming. Highlights included the 3-piece horn section on songs such as "Caves of Altamira" and "Sign In Stranger", the blistering guitar work of Pat Fleming and Brian Wilkie, and the magnificent opening track "Kid Charlemagne".