Joe's Garage

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Eight of Chicago's finest musicians host a mind-blowing musical summit to bring you a multi-media concert performance of Frank Zappa's masterpiece rock opera, JOE'S GARAGE. Why? Well.......because it was there.

A fully-realized musical journey that follows the adventures of Joe, an everyman who's hopes and dreams are continually crushed by the Orwellian machinations of a world in which music is illegal, JOE'S GARAGE is alternately brilliant and base, beautiful and disgusting, sidesplittingly funny and a little too close to reality for comfort. Nothing is sacred and no one is immune from FZ's scorching satire, and his musical genius is on full display for all to experience in what is arguably his finest recording achievement.

A passion project 12 years in the making, the U.M.R.K.E.U.M.B. features members of Kick The Cat, Maggie Speaks, The Renegades, Crawl, Auraphone, Jack Straw, The Listening Zoo, and The Party Faithful; in addition, our performers have worked with such musical luminaries as Faith Hill, Seal, Jennifer Hudson, Hiram Bullock, Randy Brecker, Umprheys McGee, Ann Harris, Howard Levy, and many more.


Not your parents' rock musical -- or maybe it is.......