Colby Beserra's self-titled album

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Colby Beserra’s self-titled, self-produced CD is a sizzling skillet of original tracks rich with lyrical poetry and stirring instrumentation. Leading off with three distinctly crafted ballads, including the impressive piano-guitar-vocal harmonies of “House of Mirrors,” Colby and his backing band up the octane on the CD’s fourth track, “Bella Daroe.” The tune cruises down a trail of lost love and accelerates into a bellowing chorus that declares, “We took the last train out now we’re watchin’ the world go by.” The disc churns on with melodious storytelling that, in adding strokes of everything from country twang to horn-blowing jazz, showcases the vigor and versatility of an artist inspired by music of all flavors. Try a sample.

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What We're Missing

House Of Mirrors

Anne Marie

Bella Daroe


The Game

Won't Be Long

Baby Brother

That's My Life

Wait And See