Jenkin's Farm Project

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Utilizing movement, text, video, and original music to help tell the fragmented story of a family farm in North Carolina, this highly acclaimed dance theater piece had its Chicago debut in September of 2008. Hedy Weiss of the Chicago Sun Times named this production as one of the highlights of new dance in Chicago for 2008. Colby wrote, recorded, and produced the entire original score (along with Chicago musician Matt Reed), while Brian engineered, mixed, and synchronized all of the audio and video for use in the performance.


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Up And Down The Bannister

Glen's Theme

He Woke Me, Morning Chores

Across The Street

Wring Scrub Churn Beat Swat Slap Sew Pick

Rose and Bear In The Children's Room

Reluctancy Dance

Waitressing The Scarlet Southern Sun

Wild Turkey Stomp