Images of Great Life Music Members

GLM Live

LIVE MUSIC is our first passion, and the foundation on which our company is built. Our commitment to working with only the best instrumentalists and vocalists in the city of Chicago has translated into a reputation for designing and producing great live performances to energize a variety of events, occasions, venues, and formats.

Our roster of musical ensembles speaks volumes about our priorities, and illustrates our desire to offer the most unique and inspiring performances available anywhere. Our flagship dance bands -- The Party Faithful (10- to 12-pieces), Matt Lewis and The Union (9- to 11-pieces) and The Matt Reed Band, (7 pieces) -- are top-of-the-line, luxury ensembles, providing our clients with the best musicians and the widest variety of music our industry has to offer. Our cutting edge smaller ensembles -- our band-DJ hybrid Elemental, Jennifer Lowe’s rock violin ensembles the CoverGirls and Acoustic Roadtrip, and our popular Unplugged band -- present exciting and contemporary performances in more compact packages, perfect for small corporate gathering and larger social events alike. Taken all together, you won’t find a more diverse and distinctive line up of offerings from any other music company in our industry.

All of our musicians and bands benefit from access to the Great Life Music Songbook, an extensive library of hip and up-to-date musical arrangements created and maintained by GLM using the latest in music and computer technology. Our songbook celebrates genres, artists, and styles across the musical spectrum—the great Sinatra-style jazz of the ‘40s and ‘50s, the soulful dance grooves of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the high-energy rock of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and the slick and edgy beats of today. In nurturing this enviable and ever-expanding library of music, Colby w his musical expertise with the most current advances in music production technology to ensure that our performances strike a moving and memorable chord with your audience.