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About Great Life Music

MUSIC in the 21st Century has permeated every facet of our lives – it’s ubiquitous. Our favorite songs are with us wherever we go, available at the touch of a button, the spin of a wheel, or the turn of a dial; they provide the soundtrack to our lives like never before. The professional artists at Great Life Music honor and celebrate this new relationship by delivering unparalleled live performances and services designed to fit the unique spirit of your special event.

Simply put, we’re an entertainment company that celebrates life through music.

At Great Life Music, it’s about going beyond the ordinary and the expected. We’re a Chicago-based company that takes a multi-layered approach to music services. We serve up the Live Music that brings parties and special gatherings to life. It’s through our strong community of musicians that we are able to offer creative musical choices, develop one-of-a-kind shows that live up to the highest standards, and use cutting-edge technology to enhance the quality and excitement of our productions.

In each area of our entertainment focus, we view people as our greatest resource—and our most important investment. At GLM, our client is our partner. Through conversation and collaboration we learn of your entertainment hopes, needs, and goals, and create musical programs designed to fulfill and exceed expectations. In combining a commitment to customer service with a dedication to first-class showmanship, we continue to help clients like you fill the stage with a celebration of life and music.

Great Life Music was formed in 2007 by bandleader Colby Beserra and music director Brian Schwab to bring new levels of sophistication, professionalism, theatrical energy, and musical excellence to the special event industry. A 21st century company that’s fueled by the artistic leadership and creativity of its directors and the talent and enthusiasm of its musicians, GLM has worked to provide clients with more performance options than has ever been available from one company.